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Farmers & Producers

Meet our regular suppliers, local folk who are passionate about good food and happy soil.

Garnet Hollow Organic Farm - that's us!

Garnett Hollow is our Home base Farm where we grow a wide variety of vegetables and select fruit and flowers on 12 acres of Certified Organic Land. We farm our valley home farm nestled by the Aeneas Creek where the cool crops thrive, and up on a beautiful bench looking over the valley where we grow our heat loving vegetables. We choose what we grow with you our CSA box customers in mind.

Amazia Farm

Amazia Farm is a 12-acre certified organic farm in the South Okanagan. Mike and his family are continually striving, and learning, bringing neighbors and supporters great produce with an ecological edge. They figure it’s not work if you love what you do! In 2020 they managed to convert their home farm to 80% no-till, and are continually pushing for healthy soil, healthy plants and a healthy you.

Martin Rothe

Martin is passionate about biodynamic farming and was a biodynamic pioneer in the Okanagan Valley. He has been farming 30 acres of bio-dynamic cherries, apples, nectarines, peaches, apricots, and pears in Oliver for around 40 years.

Michael Welsh
Okanagan Valley

Michael is a passionate steward of the land. He has many years of experience managing around 10 acres of spray free and/or organic tree fruit in Naramata and Summerland

Steve Schmidt
The Organic Herb Garden, Oliver.

Steve has a well established mixed organic orchard and provides us with a wide variety of wonderful tree ripened fruits through the summer.

Backyard Beans

Liz and Richard of Backyard Beans roast their ethically sourced coffee in a small garden shed literally in their Summerland backyard on a manual open flame roaster! They roast around ½ ton of coffee a month in small batches and you can taste the difference! We're lucky to have them on board! To read more about their story and products go to their website - www.backyardbeanscoffee.com

Cedarstein Organic Farm

Heidi and Helmut Lang raise certified organic, grass-fed, grass-finished cattle and sheep on their farm in the Mabel Lake Valley nestled in the Monashees.  Their pigs are free-range roaming and digging outside year round, in the fall they especially enjoy our plentiful walnuts and acorns.

Jerseyland Organic Dairy Products
Grand Forks

We are very fortunate to have a great Organic Dairy herd (the first to be certified in BC) of Jersey cows about 100 miles away – Jerseyland in Grand Forks, BC. The dairy produces and sells a good variety of artisanal cheeses and yoghurt – but alas no milk or butter! To see their beautiful cattle and read more about them, have a look at their website: www.jerseylandorganics.ca

Maple Roch Pure Canadian Maple Syrup

Procuring the finest maple syrup from the best trees in New Brunswick crafted by generations of Maple craftsman families, Roch Fortin has introduced the finest Maple Syrup to the BC Market. Maple Roch processes the syrup in Summerlad under one of only two federally issued processing licenses in the province. To read more about their story and products go to their website - www.mapleroch.com

Okanagan Nation Alliance Salmon
Okanagan Valley

ONA is dedicated to restoring Indigenous food systems and ensuring food sovereignty for the well-being and resilience of the community members. Central to this commitment is the development and promotion of a food fishery, currently focused on the harvest of Okanagan sockeye salmon. The salmon is 100% local and 100% wild, using selective harvesting methods and quality control. They keep an eye on the future without forgetting the past. Through ONA’s thoughtful planning, careful handling, and quality processing, we are able to enjoy premium Salmon and value-added products that are affordable. To read more about their story and products go to their website - www.syilx.org/fisheries

Okanagan Wildbrush Honey
Okanagan Valley

Penticton Apiarists Kevin and Janelle Dunn specialize in pure unpasteurized wildflower honey from the hives they distribute through the wild areas of the Okanagan Valley. They also provide bees for fruit growers during the pollination season and are ardent supporters of local agriculture and food sustainability.

True Grain Bread

We are pleased to have Todd and the team at True Grain Bread in Summerland on board. Now, these are people serious about food security and sustainability. They handcraft delicious bread from freshly milled local grain, which they stone mill themselves. All the grain is Certified Organic and BC grown! To read more about their story and products go to their website - www.truegrain.ca

LocalMotive Organic Delivery

Thomas and Celina Tumbach
27218 Garnett Valley Rd.
Summerland, BC
Phone: 250-404-1206 (please leave a message)
E-mail: [email protected]

LocalMotive Low Waste Market

#150 The Apple Plaza
1848 Main Street
Phone: 236-422-3512
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Store Hours:

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