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  • Happy Holidays!
    LocalMotive Home Delivery is now closed for a short winter break.
    The online market will reopen at midnight on Thursday 6th January for deliveries which will go out the following week.

    If you are a current customer, your subscription will activate automatically:
    For weekly customers, orders will generate that week
    For bi-weekly or four weekly customers orders will generate according to your existing schedule as if there had not been a break
    You will receive a reminder edit order email.
    Our LocalMotive Low Waste Market in Penticton will remain open Monday to Saturday 9 – 6, apart from Statutory Holidays.
Our group of small family farmers and producers have been working diligently in communities in the South Okanagan region since 2005 to procure the finest local organic foods and products for your needs. Through our innovative CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) Box model, customers subscribe to a recurring local fruit and vegetable produce box, which allows participating farmers to build their supply for our service in an efficient and predictable manner.  We deliver to customers from Westbank south to Osoyoos in the Okanagan Valley.

If you are a chef or restaurant owner wishing to see our wholesale website, please click here: https://www.localline.ca/supplier/store 
1. Choose your CSA box
Select from different CSA options. Delivery weekly, every two weeks or every four weeks. We also offer a trial box for new customers.  The market is open with it's replenished seasonal array for new orders and changes each week from Friday first thing to Sunday midnight.
2. Add other grocery items
Visit our webstore from 1am on Friday morning to the Sunday midnight deadline to add local baking, preserves, beverages, household products and more to your delivery.  Many of our products are delivered in returnable glass jars to reduce single use plastics.
3. Receive your order...
Enjoy & tell your friends
Receive your box on a set schedule, either Wednesday or Thursday depending on your address. Help us build a sustainable food network, by encouraging your friends and families to participate in our service. Referral discounts available.

How It Works

What is our CSA box?

Our CSA box is a seasonal mixed hamper of vegetables and fruits sourced firstly from our own organic farm in Garnet Valley Summerland, then from other local farmers. During the shoulder seasons when local produce is sparse, we supplement the boxes with high quality, imported organic produce from California and Mexico through a reputable, ethical wholesaler in Vancouver, this helps us extend our delivery period while still providing a varied, high quality hamper.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Traditionally, with CSA box services, the season's hampers are paid in advance by customers at the beginning of the season, helping farmers plan efficiently, reducing waste and over production, while ensuring freshness and a quality experience for customers. CSA box services are a popular model that help small scale organic farmers stay viable in the face of global systems. CSA models help to guarantee the farmers a customer base for their produce and cover expenses throughout the year, not only during the growing season.

While much the same in spirit and service offered, we are more flexible.  We understand that it is difficult for many of our customers to pay up front for the full season, and there are likely occasions when you may not wish to receive your regular delivery, so we work on a pay in advance or pay as you order system, and you have the ability to put your order on hold if you need to.

Our local Home Delivery service serves Southern Okanagan communities from Westbank down to Osoyoos.

What are the different box options?

Each box contains a variety of Certified Organic produce – vegetables and fruit. Occasionally if we know the local grower and trust that they do grow organically, even if they have chosen not to be certified, we will include their produce (listed as spray free or transitional).

If you are on a restricted diet, a gardener or a picky eater (!), you can customize your order by choosing the Empty Customizable Box, there is a $4 charge for customizing the box contents.

Because eating habits are so varied, it's hard for us to tell you which box size will suit you. There may be a period of trial and error before you find the perfect fit! These are the box options:

  • $4 Empty Customizable Box:  you select everything you want from the virtual marketplace (produce and/or other items) for each order online, perfect for gardeners or picky eaters! $4 fee for custom ordering.  Full price of box will vary according to the contents. You need to log on each week to complete your order, which must reach the minimum $50 value for free delivery.  If you do not complete your order by the deadline, it will be cancelled.
  • $30 Singles CSA Box:  great for 1 or 2 local eaters! You need to add other items each week, to take the order total to the minimum $50 value for free delivery.  If you don't add other items to this box before the deadline, the Single CSA Box order will proceed with a $5 delivery fee.
  • $50 Regular CSA Box:  perfect for a couple or small family
  • $70 Family CSA Box:  you enjoy your fresh produce!

No matter which CSA option you choose, our minimum order value for free home delivery is $50.  We will accept a minimum order value of $30 but there will be a $5 delivery fee attached to any order between $30 and $50. 

We currently offer pick up options in Penticton, Oliver and OK Falls, for this option the minimum order value is $30 and there is no delivery fee.

If you log into your account on the website between Thursday and Sunday evenings, you can see what is planned to be in the box the following week.  If there are any items you would rather not have, you can make substitutions from the drop down list following the instructions.


Why do I need to set up a recurring order and how does it work?

By committing to regular orders you allow us to plan crops with farms and supply a more consistent selection of local produce. We ask that you choose the frequency of your delivery that works best for you – either weekly, every two weeks, or every four weeks.

Each year we plan the crops for our own farm and with fruit growers in the valley, to figure out how much they can sell us. Having a consistent clientele allows more accurate planning.

Once you have signed up and selected your subscription CSA box, you will receive an edit order email on the Friday prior to your scheduled delivery, this is the time you can make substitutions and add other items.  You are not required to visit the site if you don't want to make any changes to your CSA box as it is a subscription and automatically recurring, according to the frequency you have chosen.  We use the secure Stripe payment gateway,  once you have made your first order when you will enter your credit card details, your card will be automatically debited each Monday prior to your scheduled delivery.   You can cancel or postpone your order at any point, but please do so before Sunday midnight. 

The market is open for substitutions, additions or new orders at midnight on Thursday once we have replenished it with all the fresh produce available for the following week, and closes on Sunday midnight.


How do I order extra grocery items?

You can custom order grocery items to be added to your recurring CSA veggie box. The week prior to your scheduled delivery, between 1am on Friday and Sunday midnight, log into your account and select items for your order from the replenished Online Market. These selected items are added for the next delivery only.  

Is there a weekly order deadline?

Orders are processed on Mondays, so we have an order deadline of Sunday midnight for all orders expected during that week.  Please note that orders are set up to the frequency that you select upon sign-up. If you would like to change your order frequency, you need to cancel your existing CSA box order in the subscription field on your account, and make a fresh order with your new delivery frequency.


What could I expect to receive in a $50 bin?

The selections for the week change according to the season.  (This is why our market is only open from 1 am Friday to Sunday midnight.)  The boxes are typically around 70% veggies and 30 % fruits. We post the refreshed box contents on the website on Thursday night ready for the 1am market opening.  If there is something in the box that you do not want, you may make up to 3 substitutions a week by editing your box contents.  If you are more particular about the types of produce you wish to receive, the custom $4 bin might be better for you.  A recipe sheet accompanies your order to suggest ways of using the more unusual items, or inspire you to try different ways of preparing veggies that occur frequently.

What are my payment options?

Payment is by credit card, and is set up as auto renewal.  Once you have set up your order and frequency, and paid for your first order, your card will be debited on the Monday prior to your scheduled order. 

Our payment system is powered by Stripe which is one of the most popular and secure payment gateways.  Localmotive.ca does NOT store any credit card information except for the last 4 digits of your card number.  Since Stripe is the payment gateway, they now store the credit card information in an encrypted manner on their secure servers. You can find out more about it here https://stripe.com/docs/security/stripe.  All data transferred between Localmotive.ca and Stripe is done over SSL protocol which ensures the highest level of security and prevents any kind of security issues.

In certain circumstances, we will accept advance e-transfer payments by arrangement, please contact louise@localmotive.ca to discuss this option.  If you have credit in your website account, your order will also recur automatically.

If you wish to cancel your order for a period, please do so before the Sunday midnight deadline to avoid being charged.

When will my delivery arrive?

Your purchase of $50 or more includes free delivery to your office or home. Delivery is on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays depending on where you live. When you enter your delivery route the website will tell you which day to expect your order. Timing is difficult to predict as the rounds change significantly from week to week, and sometimes deliveries do run late into the evening – especially in the summer. If you are out on delivery day, please leave instructions in the directions field on the sign up page as to where you would like us to leave your box. Preferably in a cool, shady spot, or you could leave us out a large cooler with an ice pack and we'll transfer your produce and groceries into that.  If you have chosen the pick up point option, the location will list the hours when you can pick up.

Can I place my box on hold?

You can place your box on hold.  It is logical, but a little complex!  Orders are created at midnight on Thursday for the following week - if you wish to cancel your order for that upcoming order, simply log in and cancel the scheduled Order.   This will cancel your upcoming order, and the next delivery will be according to your existing schedule.  If you wish to cancel an order that has not yet been created (or for longer than just the upcoming week, in which case you would have to cancel both the current order and change your next delivery date under subscriptions), click on My Account at top right of your home page, select Subscriptions and then View.  You are offered the option to skip the next delivery, if you select this your upcoming delivery will be cancelled with the next occurring according to your existing schedule.  If you need to cancel for longer please use the hold till field and fill in the date of the Friday prior to your next desired scheduled delivery.  Please note that your subscription is set to a particular schedule, so if you are a customer who receives your order every two or four weeks, the return date you select might not match your actual delivery date as it may be out of sync.  If you would like to receive a delivery on a week that is out of sync with your current schedule, you can simply cancel that subscription and set up a new one on your return and go from there.  If you have any questions, please email louise@localmotive.ca.

What is your packaging policy?

As organic growers, we have always been aware that we are stewards of this beautiful earth, and conscious of our actions as we till the soil.  We carry this consciousness into our Home Deliveries, reusing, composting and recycling; eliminating the use of plastics where we can and keeping packaging to a minimum.  We use Wood Pulp Cellophane bags - which can go straight into your compost bin - for our dry groceries; and any glass jar from the LocalMotive Market can be returned to be sterilized and reused.  We use paper bags for items that need to be contained.  Full disclosure:  we are still using plastic for our tender young leaves simply because experience has taught us that the leaves transport and keep way better in plastic.  We do not bag mature greens, but ask that you transfer them to a recycled plastic bag or tupperware in your fridge salad drawer as soon as possible.  

Do you accept glass jar returns?

Jar deposits are an integral part of our attempt to reduce single use plastics in our delivery service.  Please place your empty LocalMotive jars in your returning produce box on delivery day.  They need to be clean - washed in hot soapy water, rinsed and dried.  We will then sterilize them for reuse.  For each returned jar your account will be credited by $1.  Unfortunately we cannot accept any other brand name jars or bottles, please recycle these with your home recycling.  Thank you!

Can I make substitutions to my CSA box?

Yes.  When you look at the CSA boxes on the site, you will see the box contents (which are posted on Thursday night for market opening at 1am on Friday) then you can decide if you wish to make any substitutions.  If you do,  you need to log into your account between 1am Friday and midnight on Sunday to make the changes.  The default box contents are listed with a check beside them.  These are followed by three unchecked items which are the substitutions we offer for the week.  You may substitute three items - uncheck the items you do not wish to receive and check the replacement item.  If you routinely would prefer more substitutions, then the $4 custom box might be a better way for you to go!

What should I do if I'm not happy with my order?

We are working with highly perishable items which haven't been sprayed with fungicides to increase shelf life, and occasionally we slip up!    Sometimes when we are packing boxes the produce can look fine, but deteriorate quickly between the packline and your kitchen.  In this case, if you are ever not happy with the quality, for whatever reason, please let us know as soon as possible and we will either replace the item in your following delivery or credit your account. As a small business, it is very important to us that you let us know any concerns about our service so that we can make it right! 

At home you can extend life and quality of most of the produce by unpacking the contents of your box into the fridge as soon as you can.  We are trying to eliminate plastic as much as possible, so if you receive Greens that aren't in plastic please make sure to put them in the salad drawer of your fridge, or pop it in a reused plastic bag in the fridge, this will help keep it perky!  The only items we don't recommend chilling are avocados and tomatoes, unless they are very ripe and you want to hold them for a while.

We would like to acknowledge that the land on which we farm and run our business is the unceded territory of the Syilx (Okanagan) Peoples. 
LocalMotive Organic Delivery

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E-mail: feedme@localmotive.ca

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