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Upperbench Creamery - Okanagan Sun - approx 175g


Now here is a cheese for cheese lovers! Upper Bench Winery & Creamery is so proud of our Okanagan Sun, it is a delightful rustic little cheese. Our Okanagan Sun is a silky, aromatic, soft, washed-rind cheese with a smooth, intense flavour.  As this little guy ages it becomes darker in colour (as the cultures continue to grow), often pale orange when young developing a darker, bright orange rind as it matures.  Of course like all washed-rinds, the longer they age the stronger they become, both in taste and in aroma (we’re not supposed to say stinky or barnyard, but we did, and it is true).


Our most challenging cheese to craft at Upper Bench Winery & Creamery is our Okangan Sun cheese. We use a delicate touch when making this soft washed rind cheese, as it does not like to be fussed or played with too much. This little beauty is made by carefully cutting the curd into small squares before gently filling round hoops, which are left to ‘whey-off’ (drain). They are dry salted, left to dry slightly before being transferred to their aging room, where they are flipped and washed with a special brine until they develop their wonderful orange colour. Okanagan Sun has gorgeous orange rind with a creamy mild soft interior, which gets stronger as it ages. This very unique cheese is gaining quite the following.

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