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Umami Crave the Fifth - Finishing Sauce Dip 375ml


Umami is the fifth, little known youngest sibling of the four familiar tastes:  sweet, salty, bitter and sour.
- Known to us as the “cider vin”, we have been enjoying this versatile dressing, dip, and finishing sauce for several years and are excited to finally share it with the world.
- Enjoy UMAMI with just about anything: greens, grains, any protein, roasted vegetables, stir fry and much more!

- Ingredients: Canola oil, apple cider vinegar, nutritional yeast, liquid soy seasoning (soy bean, vegetable protein), distilled water, organic Dijon mustard (mustard seeds, sea salt), pure maple syrup, garlic powder (dehydrated garlic, high oleic sun flower oil).

UMAMI Dressing, Dip and Finishing Sauce was born a salad dressing, but it is so much more:

  • Add it to coleslaw.

  • Toss on warm, roasted potatoes.

  • Use it instead of ketchup. On anything.

  • Turn a can of smoked oysters into haute cuisine.

  • Drizzle on eggs, cooked any way (includes omelettes and quiche).

  • Instead of soya sauce on rice or sushi.

  • The final touch on a pizza fresh out of the oven.

  • On a charcuterie tray with bread for dipping.

  • As a spread on sandwiches, or mixed into egg/tuna/salmon/chicken salad sandwiches (a little less mayo, a little UMAMI)

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