We are now on our Winter break, resting and planning and preparing for next season. Home Deliveries restart the week of April 1st, 2019.
If you are a current customer, please log in to your account to see the exact date of your first delivery. If would you like to start deliveries with us when we restart, please go ahead and set up an order with us. If you have any questions please email us, we will be checking our emails weekly over the break.

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Produce - all items from BC unless otherwise marked

  • CSA box Empty Customizable Box Fill as you will! Perfect for picky eaters or avid gardeners! $4 fee for customized packing. Please remember that you need to log in and fill the box each week from the items available. The minimum order value is $40.
  • CSA box Singles CSA Box Box contents for week of Please remember that the minimum order is $40, so if you chose this box, you need to add other items from our website to make up the order. Thank you.
  • CSA box Regular CSA Box Box Contents for week beginning
  • CSA box Family CSA Box Box contents for week beginning
  • Organic Fruits

    • Organic Frozen Strawberries - 1lb
    • Organic Fuji Apples - 5lb

    Organic Vegetables

    • Organic Tomatoes on the Vine - 1lb
    • Organic Garlic - 4oz
    • Organic Red Onions - 2lb

    Bulk Organic Veggies for Storage

    • Bulk Organic Carrots - 5lb
    • Bulk Organic Potatoes - 5lb
    • Organic Squash - 5lb

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