We are now taking a winter break to rest and update our website. Deliveries will recommence in early Spring. If you are a current customer, your deliveries will automatically restart unless you request otherwise. As soon as we know the exact return date, we will send out an email to all current customers with that information. If you are not a current customer, but would like to sign up to begin receiving deliveries when we return, please sign up – selecting the 'Choose your Box' tab at the bottom of this page.
If you have not yet done so, please settle your account with us. If you have a recurring PayPal payment set up, please cancel it for the duration of our break. Thank you.
While we are closed, you can always find quality organic produce and more at our LocalMotive Low Waste Market in the Apple Plaza,1848 Main Street Penticton..

LocalMotive - Connecting you to food from local & BC farms

LocalMotive Organic Delivery

Thomas Tumbach is an innovative and hard-working entrepreneur from the Okanagan region, with a degree in Agriculture and Sustainable Land & Food Systems from UBC. Thomas has spent most of his life involved with farming, and started LocalMotive in 2005 to help develop local food distribution networks that connect organic farmers with consumers in the Interior regions of BC. He has a passion for producing high quality, fresh organic vegetables, and is well acquainted with the opportunities and limitations that face producers in the region.

Thomas is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and passion for food with others, both in the kitchen and in the field, and is keen to help inspire a future generation of food producers and local eaters. Thomas believes that the current paradigm shift towards "knowing where our food comes from" ultimately stands to benefit our society as a whole… because as people spend more time growing, cooking and eating together, the more likely they are to be happy and healthy. Thomas is married to Celina, and has five lovely children, enjoys playing hockey in the winter, music in the summer, and is the founder of the non-profit Jam Camp Society.
Louise manages the Home Delivery Programme and tries to get as much time as possible in the field! She began her farming career as a young mother with a small market garden on a ranch west of Calgary, then continued in the beautiful pastoral South Downs in the UK, where she managed an Organic Home Delivery Service for 500 customers around Brighton for 11 years. Louise and her family returned to Canada in 2014 where she was lucky enough to meet the Tumbachs, and take on the Home Delivery side of LocalMotive in this incredible valley. Her favorite part of the job is – weeding! But she also really enjoys direct contact with our customers. When not on the farm, Louise loves to cycle, paddleboard, cook and in the winter - knit badly!
Jefferson thinks he manages the farm and International relations at Garnet Hollow Organic Farm but tries to spend as much time as possible at coffee break! He began his farming career as a small child growing up on a farm in Indonesia and continued in the UK. Jefferson and his astonishingly beautiful wife, Teresa, (overall manager of all operations at Garnett Hollow, who wrote this!) emigrated to Canada in 2016 where he met the Tumbachs and quickly weaseled his way into a managerial role at LocalMotive, now he thinks he is at the top and is so dominant and intimidating that everyone is to afraid to tell him that he didn't get the promotion. Jeffersons favorite part of the job is managing people! But he also really enjoys coffee break. When not on the farm, Jefferson kicks ass at skaha bluffs, cycles and makes boxes out of pallets, and he has a little surprise for you because Jefferson is actually a semi-professional ice skater so, he spends the whole winter on the ice- where he really belongs! But really….

Jeff is the main grower at Garnett Hollow Farm. He spends all day in the field, whatever the weather. Agriculture runs deep in Jeff's veins, he grew up on a farm and his grandfather was actually the head of agriculture in Sumatra. When Jefferson was in his early 30's he moved to the UK and studied Bio-dynamic agriculture after which he worked and lived on an organic farm for 5 years, where he met his wife, Tessie. The two are passionate about travel, and after many adventures came to check out the Okanagan Valley, found Garnett Hollow Farm and the Tumbachs, it felt like home so they just stayed. Jeff is passionate about the earth and always works hard in his own ways to look after nature by living as 'green' as possible, he loves rock climbing and cycling.
Tessie Murdock-Pakpahan is the phenomenal result of an international education and upbringing by two equally brilliant parents. Some people would like to accuse her of being bossy, but really she just likes to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible, so she can spend more time doing Yoga, Rock Climbing, Paddle Boarding or whatever exhilarating workout she can find. You may find Tessie out in the field harvesting or weeding, or out on the road delivering bins of veggies or associated propaganda, but generally you will be sure to recognize her by her ever present sunshine smile, and refreshingly coy nature.
Garnett Hollow Organic Farm is above all else, a family enterprise, and we couldn't do what we do without the enthusiastic help and practical support of Thomas's family – young and not so young! Then as each year rolls around we welcome seasonal workers from near and far, bringing their energy, varied experiences and unique perspectives.